bon vivant.

Make it count.   I am an excitable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger as reason.
I am so thirsty for the marvelous that only the marvelous has power over me.
Anything I can not transform into something marvelous, I let go.
Reality doesn't impress me.
I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another.
No more walls.

    The Olympus has been blown the fuck up.


    4/5 stars

    Insane… Just… INSANE! This movie was so fuhricken intense, I was physically stressed as I sat in the theater. The terrorists and their “coordination” was frightening.

    I don’t know why it’s getting such bad reviews, but going into it expecting a simple shoot-em-up movie - I was impressed!

    It always makes you a little apprehensive when you see the names Butler, Eckhart, Freeman, Judd, and Bassett on one poster, but I’d say it worked. The sequences of the attacks left me slackjawed, the gore was similar to that on The Walking Dead, and of course the sophistication of the US military (although obviously flawed) was awesome.

    You’re not supposed to reality-check movies like this. Just go enjoy a badass action movie that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat for 2 hours.

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    Let’s talk about sex.

    4/5 stars

    This was a fun and playful movie that had me smiling and giggling in the beginning, and then not so much towards the end - funny how that mirrors Kinsey’s own tactics when interviewing his subject… “Get them to relax, so they forget that they’re talking about sex.”

    Opinions and writing and acting aside - this is an important story. To research and write a book about masturbation and homosexuality at a time when cunnilingus was thought to lead to sterility… I can’t even imagine.

    I am also now a firm believer that Liam Neeson really can do it all. If I’m being honest, watching him during the sex scenes was about as awkward as a cow on roller skates… but towards the end, I believed his carnal side, even his “perversions”. (I added those quotations mainly because I think Kinsey would appreciate it.) And Laura Linney? She plays superwife very well.

    All in all, really interesting movie. Really interesting and complex characters. Go see the movie… If you are a fan of any or all facets of sex (in addition to or apart from the penis-to-vagina collaboration) then you’re a fan of Kinsey!!!

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    A love letter, to no one in particular…


    4.5/5 stars

    Wow.. just… Wow. What an incredibly beautiful movie… I was completely captivated. The characters were perfectly developed and whole and played by the perfect people. Hawkes was charming, Hunt put me at ease, and Macy gave me happy hope. It really was a great movie that took you away and left you smiling and oozing warmth from all over. It was tender, and funny, and it asked you questions that made you think, and was inspiring, and candid…. and just, unexpected.

    I had no idea while I was watching it that it was based on a true story… which of course, only makes it better! Also… extra points for Hawkes for delivering such a performance using only his face!!

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    Les Misérables, Le Musical, Le yawn…


    2/5 stars

    It really is saying something when 48 year old Russell Crowe is the best looking man in an ensemble as large as this.

    The movie and the singing felt bloated. Why they would choose to cast a musical full of stars versus full of singers, I don’t understand. I easily confused the pain the characters felt while singing their story as the pain the actors felt as they tried to hit notes.

    Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were my favorite and were most believable as musical characters! Really fun roles.

    There were a few tear-jerker moments that were executed well, but… I don’t know… the ‘98 version is tough to follow.

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    Jack the Giant Slayer…and the Beanstalk.


    2/5 stars

    I’m glad this story was finally told… their attempt at making the story more legend-like and less fairytale wasn’t a bad one. But… 1 thing bugged me through the entire movie, and that was the horrible set and costume design!!! I mean really? Jack is in a leather jacket and a turtle-neck-ish t-shirt, and alright he’s not wearing jeans but he’s wearing pants with pockets like a pair of jeans. Ugh. Not to mention the crazy clean robes and clothes of the King’s. I get it, he’s the King… but you can’t give him a furry red cape that looks like it came straight out of a costume rental place. Darken the red a little, get it dirty around the edges.. COME ON!
    What I really couldn’t get over came early on in the film, actually. When Jack’s father is telling him a bedtime story when he was little. His Dad was supposed to be a poor farmer, no? Then why was he so damn clean with his freshly-shampooed hair?! No… just no… bad bad bad costume and set.
    Having said all that…. it’s a great movie for kids! Even the bad costume and sets makes sense for kids. So, keeping in mind that it is in fact a movie for kids, it was a great movie. I would definitely recommend it to anyone under 4 feet in height! :)

    Oh… also… Ewan Mcgregor in this film, specifically the hair on his face and head, has distracted me for days.

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    2.5/5 stars

    A little predictable, but it was interesting and challenging to see both sides of this story. The issue isn’t quite as black as white (for me personally) as I thought it was. It’s awful to have to choose between your responsibility to your land and nature versus your responsibility to your children and family and the best possible future they can have. “Fuck you” money is not easy to ignore.

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    Welcome back, Denzel.

    (4.5/5 stars)

    Welcome back, Denzel. His strongest performance in recent memory.

    The Denzel-Goodman combination was unreal. Neither men can do any wrong.

    This movie is straight-up and old-school, and that is why it works.

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    bon vivant.: Double-Oh-Nothing. →


    I’d suggest reading the novels by Ian Flemming, or, at the very least, Casino Royale. The bond in these is far more gritty and, well, deep. He’s a human, not a walking stereotype. I understand your disappointment that the Daniel Craig movies are not the retro (and, as I think of them, delightfully kitschy) Bonds of old, but I really enjoy that they go back to Flemming’s original intentions. I also like the fact that they make Bond real, as there is only so many times you can make an action movie about tits and gadgets before it gets haggard. 

    Hey! I get what you’re saying. Something like the Batmans of old versus the limping Batman of now. I also should have been more clear - I’m a fan of the Bond movies, not Flemming’s Bond…as I’ve never read any of his books. So I can absolutely understand why you’d prefer this Bond as he is closer to what your original idea of him is, but for me, the adventures of Bond with his exciting gadgets and women was vastly entertaining. Of course he isn’t real… but… that’s why it’s fascinating. This may just come down to a matter of preference… I didn’t like the last Batman or Spidey movie for exactly the same reason. I miss the fantasy.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts though.. I see the other side of it. :) Oh, and I hope you weren’t offended. My posts are meant to be a tad facetious and obnoxious and to be laughed at.

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    (2.5/5 stars)

    In a word? Disappointing.

    I have not seen any of the other Bond movies with Craig in them because, (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again) Bond is not Blonde. I completely disagree with the choice of Craig as Bond. I buy him as an actor and I buy him as a kickass spy…but I don’t buy him as Bond. He’s not smooth enough, pretty enough, or charming enough to be Bond. Brosnan and the others really set the bar high on composure.

    BUT… I decided that I would watch this one….thus cementing my assumptions.

    007 is all about gadgets, cars, and women. Let’s break down my disappointments, shall we?

    GADGETS: A handgun and a radio. Those aren’t gadgets, those are must-have-household-items-for-a-Republican. Seriously? A tiny distress-radio? You gave Bond a rape-whistle? Liam Neeson’s mini phone in TAKEN 2 was much more impressive.

    CARS: None. Okay 1. And I’m not knocking the classic Aston Martin because it was sexy as all hell, but… come on. Cool car, had some firepower, not impressed. Remember Bronsan in Tomorrow Never Dies controlling his car from his cellphone in the back seat?! THAT’S A BOND CAR.

    WOMEN: Aren’t Bond girls supposed to enter the scene in slow-motion thus causing our brains to run at the same speed? Isn’t she supposed to stick around and distract Bond with the occasional sexual reward? Isn’t she supposed to either fight him or help him, until he kills the bad guy and they can ride away together into the sunset? Yeah… not this time. 1 woman. Not gorgeous (this is a matter of opinion, I suppose but need I remind you of Halle Berry?) Slept with Bond once - I’m guessing, since there was no love-scene… maybe they made hot chocolate and talked while giving each other flirtatious back rubs till the sun rose, who knows. And she had a grand total of perhaps 7 minutes of screen-time. Yeah. Bond fights bodyguards and komodo dragons and hops onto a boat to travel to some unknown abandoned island off the coast of Hong Kong to meet a psychotic killer so that he can set her free………but then she catches a bullet and hunches over dying instantly - her beautiful face never to be seen again. Completely unsatisfying.

    No gadgets, no cars, no Bond girl. No bueno.

    And ON TOP OF IT ALL? The CGI was absolute rubbish! Seriously. Unacceptable. I have games on my phone with better graphics and look more realistic. What the hell happened? Budget cuts?

    I will say though, that Javier Bardem makes the PERFECT Bond villain! I really enjoyed his performance. Him and The Joker would be an amazingly terrifying duo.

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    My Meme has now been translated into Portuguese and is up on this site. 
Can anybody explain what this site is all about?

    My Meme has now been translated into Portuguese and is up on this site

    Can anybody explain what this site is all about?

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    My first ever meme… 8 million and ONE!

    My first ever meme… 8 million and ONE!

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    The Invisible War trailer.

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